A new Roman bath in the canabae of Brigetio. Short report on the excavations at the site Szőny-Dunapart in 2014

Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Gabriella Delbó, Emese Számadó


The present article deals with the excavations in the canabae of Brigetio preceding the construction of a flood control dam between the modern cities of Komárom and Almásfüzitő. Most important results of the excavation is the discovery of the first Roman bath in Brigetio and a bronze workshop. Since the original construction plans were altered after the discovery of the bath to avoid the destruction of the site, excavations will continue in 2015 with the main objective of unearthing the whole Roman bath and the bronze workshop. Our future plans include the complete excavation and presentation of the site as an archaeological parc, which could be the first of its kind in Brigetio.

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