Ser. 3. No. 7. (2019)

Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Archaeological Contexts: The case study of the Early La Tène Cemetery of Szentlőrinc, Hungary

Ágnes Schneider
Philipps-Universität, Marburg
Published October 16, 2020
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Schneider, Ágnes. (2020). Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Archaeological Contexts. Dissertationes Archaeologicae, 3(7), 101-150.


This study would like to provide an open-source and reproducible workflow for multivariate statistical analysis of archaeological contexts, e.g. cemeteries. Further the study does not wish to republish the cemetery – it
only discusses diagnostic artifact types which can be used for dating this specific cemetery.
Also, the study shows that multivariate statistical analysis can be useful and that a bigger sample size (cemetery), higher number of artifacts and more associated artifact types in closed contexts can deliver better and
more useful information for dating cemeteries or even building regional chronologies.