Ser. 3, No. 1 (2013)

Table of Contents


The coin hoard of Abasár READ | DOWNLOAD
Melinda Torbágyi, István Vida 7-20
Roman mirrors from a private collection in the Hungarian National Museum READ | DOWNLOAD
Anikó Bózsa 21-44
The Biesheim cameo – a reinterpretation READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Juhász 45-52


Az állatcsont, mint információhordozó leletanyag READ | DOWNLOAD
Péter Csippán 53-84
Terminológiai alapfogalmak régészeti korú üvegtárgyak elemzéséhez READ | DOWNLOAD
Kata Dévai 85-112
3D reconstructions using GPR data at the Mont Beuvray READ | DOWNLOAD
Lőrinc Timár, Zoltán Czajlik, Sándor Puszta, Balázs Holl 113-120

Field reports

Excavation at a new Upper Palaeolithic site of the Eger region (Northern Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsolt Mester 121-128
Short report on the excavations at Brigetio (Szőny-Vásártér) in 2013 READ | DOWNLOAD
László Borhy, Dávid Bartus, Emese Számadó 129-140
Report on the participation of the Eötvös Loránd University at the Wielbark Archaeological Field School in Malbork-Wielbark, Poland READ | DOWNLOAD
Dénes Hullám, Zsófia Rácz 141-146
Short report on the excavations at the site Makó – Igási Ugar READ | DOWNLOAD
Gábor Váczi, Dávid Bartus 147-152
Short report on the excavations in 2013 of the Department of Hungarian Medieval and Early Modern Archaeology (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest) READ | DOWNLOAD
Maxim Mordovin 153-178

Thesis abstracts

Biological reconstruction of the Late Neolithic Lengyel Culture READ | DOWNLOAD
Kitti Köhler 179-204
Cultural connections and interactions of Eastern Transdanubia during the Urnfield period READ | DOWNLOAD
Gábor Váczi 205-230
Urban problems in the civil town of Aquincum: the so-called „northern band” READ | DOWNLOAD
Orsolya Láng 231-250
Questions of bronze workshops in Roman Pannonia READ | DOWNLOAD
Nikoletta Sey 251-258
Glass vessels from Late Roman times found in graves in the Hungarian part of Pannonia READ | DOWNLOAD
Kata Dévai 259-274
Gemstone and glass inlaid fine metalwork from the Carpathian Basin: the Hunnic and Early Merovingian Periods READ | DOWNLOAD
Eszter Horváth 275-302
Vegetal ornaments in the Late Avar decorative art READ | DOWNLOAD
Gergely Szenthe 303-320
Relations between the Carpathian Basin and South East Europe during the 10th century. The evidence of the minor objects READ | DOWNLOAD
Péter Langó 321-330
The Cemeteries and Grave Finds of Győr and Moson Counties from the Time of the Hungarian Conquest and the Early Árpádian Age READ | DOWNLOAD
Ciprián Horváth 331-338
The border- and self-defence of Szeklers from the Medieval Age till the Age of Principality. Castles and other defence objects in the settlement history of Udvarhelyszék READ | DOWNLOAD
András Sófalvi 339-366