Ser. 3, No. 2 (2014)

Table of Contents

Selected papers of the XI. Hungarian Conference on Classical Studies

Venus mit Waffen. Die Darstellungen und die Rolle der Göttin in der Münzpropaganda der Zeit der Soldatenkaiser (235–284 n. Chr.) READ | DOWNLOAD
Ferenc Barna 9-43
A belső vámok szerepe a rajnai és a dunai provinciák importált kerámiaspektrumában READ | DOWNLOAD
Dénes Gabler 45-66
Római bélyeges téglák a komáromi Duna Menti Múzeum gyűjteményében READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Mathédesz 67-96
Újabb római vicusok Aquincum territoriumán READ | DOWNLOAD
Katalin Ottományi 97-142
Hellenistic grotesque terracotta figurines. Problems of iconographical interpretation READ | DOWNLOAD
Eszter Süvegh 143-156
Some notes on the rings with sacred inscriptions from Pannonia READ | DOWNLOAD
András Szabó 157-169
The coinage of Flavia Maxima Helena READ | DOWNLOAD
István Vida 171-177


Late Bronze Age depot from the foothills of the Pilis Mountains READ | DOWNLOAD
János Gábor Tarbay 179-297
Roman brooches from Paks-Gyapa – Rosti-puszta READ | DOWNLOAD
Csilla Sáró 299-319
The impact of the roman agriculture on the territory of Savaria READ | DOWNLOAD
András Bödőcs, Gábor Kovács, Krisztián Anderkó 321-332
Two new Roman bronzes with Suebian nodus from Brigetio READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Juhász 333-349

Field reports

The first in situ Old Stone Age assemblage from the Rába Valley, Northwestern Hungary READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsolt Mester, Norbert Faragó, Attila Király 351-362
Short report on the excavation in 2014 at Polgár-Csőszhalom READ | DOWNLOAD
Pál Raczky, Alexandra Anders, Norbert Faragó, Gábor Márkus 363-375
Preliminary Report on the first season of fieldwork in Berettyóújfalu-Szilhalom READ | DOWNLOAD
Daniel Neumann, Zsuzsa Siklósi, Roman Scholz, Márton Szilágyi 377-403
A Palaeolithic mammoth bone deposit and a Late Copper Age Baden settlement and enclosure. Preliminary report on the rescue excavation at Szurdokpüspöki – Hosszú-dűlő II–III. (M21 site No. 6–7) READ | DOWNLOAD
Márton Szilágyi, András Füzesi, Attila Virág, Mihály Gasparik 405-412
Preliminary report on the excavation of a new Late Bronze Age cemetery from Jobbágyi (North Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Kristóf Fülöp, Gábor Váczi 413-421
Geophysical prospection on the Pâture du Couvent (Bibracte, France). The campaign of 2014 READ | DOWNLOAD
Lőrinc Timár, Zoltán Czajlik, András Bödőcs, Sándor Puszta 423-429
Short report on the excavations in the civil town of Brigetio (Szőny-Vásártér) in 2014 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Emese Számadó 431-436
A new Roman bath in the canabae of Brigetio. Short report on the excavations at the site Szőny-Dunapart in 2014 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Gabriella Delbó, Emese Számadó 437-449
Topographical research in the canabae of Brigetio in 2014 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Zoltán Czajlik, Balázs Holl, Sándor Puszta, László Rupnik 451-457
Aerial Geoarchaeological Survey in the Valleys of the Mureş and Arieş Rivers (2009-2013) READ | DOWNLOAD
Zoltán Czajlik, Sándor Berecki, László Rupnik 459-483
Short report on the excavations in 2014 of the Department of Hungarian Medieval and Early Modern Archaeology (Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest). Excavations at Castles Čabraď and Drégely, and at the Pauline Friary at Sáska READ | DOWNLOAD
Maxim Mordovin 485-500

Thesis abstracts

Late groups of the Alföld Linear Pottery culture in north-eastern Hungary. New results of the research in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County READ | DOWNLOAD
Piroska Csengeri 501-517
Weapons in the 10–11th century Carpathian Basin. Studies in weapon technology and methodology – rigid bow applications and southern import swords in the archaeological material READ | DOWNLOAD
Ádám Bíró 519-539
Animal remains from the mid 12th–13th century (Árpád Period) village of Kána, Hungary READ | DOWNLOAD
Márta Daróczi-Szabó 541-548
A 15th–16th century cannon foundry workshop in Buda. Craftsmen and technology of cannon moulding and the transformation of military technology from the Renaissance to the Post Medieval Period READ | DOWNLOAD
Károly Belényesy 549-560
Manorial and urban manufactories in the 17th century in Sárospatak READ | DOWNLOAD
István Ringer 561-564


Bibliography of the excavations in Brigetio (1992–2014) READ | DOWNLOAD
László Borhy 565-580