Ser. 3, No. 3 (2015)

Table of Contents

René Goguey (1921 – 2015). Pionnier de l’archéologie aérienne en France et en Hongrie READ | DOWNLOAD
Zoltán Czajlik 7-8


Tumulus Period settlement of Hosszúhetény-Ormánd READ | DOWNLOAD
Péter Mali 9-26
Cemetery of the late Tumulus – early Urnfield period at Balatonfűzfő, Hungary READ | DOWNLOAD
Gábor Ilon 27-57
Zur topographische Forschung der Hügelgräberfelder in Ungarn READ | DOWNLOAD
Zoltán Czajlik, Balázs Holl 59-70
Constitution for the auxiliary units of an uncertain province issued 2 July (?) 133 on a new military diploma READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsolt Mráv, István A. Vida, József Géza Kiss 71-75
Bronze head with Suebian nodus from Aquincum READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Juhász 77-81
The secondary glass workshop in the civil town of Brigetio READ | DOWNLOAD
Kata Dévai 83-104
Roman settlement pattern and LCP modelling in ancient North-Eastern Pannonia (Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Bence Simon 105-126
Quantitative and GIS-based archaeological analysis of the Late Roman rural settlement of Ács-Kovács-rétek READ | DOWNLOAD
Bence Vágvölgyi 127-189
Barbarico more testudinata. The Roman image of Barbarian houses READ | DOWNLOAD
Lőrinc Timár 191-202

Field reports

Report on the excavation at Páli-Dombok in 2015 READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsolt Mester, Norbert Faragó, Attila Király 203-212
Preliminary Report on the Middle Neolithic Well from Sajószentpéter (North-Eastern Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Ágnes Király, Krisztián Tóth 213-221
Preliminary report on the field surveys and excavations in the vicinity of Berettyóújfalu READ | DOWNLOAD
András Füzesi, Dávid Bartus, Kristóf Fülöp, Lajos Juhász, László Rupnik, Zsuzsanna Siklósi, Gábor V. Szabó, Márton Szilágyi, Gábor Váczi 223-239
Test excavations in the vicinity of Cserkeszőlő (Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County, Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Márton Szilágyi 241-243
Short report on the excavations in Brigetio in 2015 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Emese Számadó 245-262
Short report on the excavations in the Castle of Sátoraljaújhely in 2015 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dóra Hegyi 263-268
New results of the excavations at the Saint James’ Pauline friary and at the Castle Čabraď READ | DOWNLOAD
Maxim Mordovin 269-283

Thesis abstracts

Contextualizing the comparative perceptions of Rome and China through written sources and archaeological data READ | DOWNLOAD
Krisztina Hoppál 285-301
The iconography of the Roman province personifications and their role in the imperial propaganda READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Juhász 303-308
Roman Age iron tools from Pannonia READ | DOWNLOAD
László Rupnik 309-315
History of the settlement of the Sand Ridges of Kiskunság between the 13th–16th century READ | DOWNLOAD
Szabolcs Rosta 317-330