Ser. 3, No. 4 (2016)

Table of Contents


Öcsöd-Kováshalom. A retrospective look at the interpretations of a Late Neolithic site READ | DOWNLOAD
Pál Raczky, András Füzesi 9-42
Frührömische keramische Beigaben im Gräberfeld von Budaörs READ | DOWNLOAD
Gabriella Delbó 43-116
Animal and human footprints on Roman tiles from Brigetio READ | DOWNLOAD
Linda Dobosi 117-134
Secondary use of base rings as drinking vessels in Aquincum READ | DOWNLOAD
Kata Dévai 135-144
Britannia on Roman coins READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Juhász 145-160
6th century ivory game pieces from Mosonszentjános READ | DOWNLOAD
István Koncz, Zsuzsanna Tóth 161-178
Cattle types in the Carpathian Basin in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Ages READ | DOWNLOAD
Péter Csippán 179-212


Implication of non-invasive archaeological methods in Brigetio in 2016 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, Zoltán Czajlik, László Rupnik 213-232

Field reports

Grd-i Tle 2016. Preliminary Report of the Hungarian Archaeological Mission of the Eötvös Loránd University to Grd-i Tle (Saruchawa) in Iraqi Kurdistan READ | DOWNLOAD
Tamás Dezső, Gábor Kalla, Maxim Mordovin, Zsófia Masek, Nóra Szabó, Barzan Baiz Ismail, Kamal Rasheed, Attila Weisz, Lajos Sándor, Ardalan Khwshnaw, Aram Ali Hama Amin 233-240
The first season of the excavation of Grd-i Tle. The Fortifications of Grd-i Tle (Field 1) READ | DOWNLOAD
Tamás Dezső, Maxim Mordovin 241-262
The first season of the excavation of Grd-i Tle. The cemetery of the eastern plateau (Field 2) READ | DOWNLOAD
Gábor Kalla, Nóra Szabó 263-276
The first season of the excavation of Grd-i Tle. The Post-Medieval Settlement at Grd-i Tle (Field 1) READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsófia Masek, Maxim Mordovin 277-290
Short report on the archaeological research of the burial mounds no. 64. and no. 49 of Érd- Százhalombatta READ | DOWNLOAD
Gabriella T. Németh, Zoltán Czajlik, Katalin Novinszki-Groma, András Jáky 291-306
Short report on the archaeological research of the Late Iron Age cemetery at Gyöngyös READ | DOWNLOAD READ | DOWNLOAD
Károly Tankó, Zoltán Tóth, László Rupnik, Zoltán Czajlik, Sándor Puszta 307-324
How the floor-plan of a Roman domus unfolds. Complementary observations on the Pâture du Couvent (Bibracte) in 2016 READ | DOWNLOAD
Lőrinc Timár 325-336
Short report on the excavations in Brigetio in 2016 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Nikoletta Sey, Emese Számadó 337-350
Short report on the excavations in the Castle of Sátoraljaújhely in 2016 READ | DOWNLOAD
Dóra Hegyi, Zsófia Nádai 351-360
Excavations inside the 16th-century gate tower at the Castle Čabraď in 2016 READ | DOWNLOAD
Maxim Mordovin 361-368

Thesis abstracts

The settling of the Alföld Linear Pottery Culture in Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg county. Microregional researches in the area of Mezőség in Nyírség READ | DOWNLOAD
András Füzesi 369-394
Early Copper Age settlement patterns in the Middle Tisza Region READ | DOWNLOAD
Márton Szilágyi 395-402
Hoarding practices in Central Transylvania in the Late Bronze Age READ | DOWNLOAD
Botond Rezi 403-416
The settlement structure of the North-Western part of the Carpathian Basin during the middle and late Early Iron Age. The Early Iron Age settlement at Győr-Ménfőcsanak (Hungary, Győr-Moson- Sopron county) READ | DOWNLOAD
Éva Ďurkovič 417-426
The trade of Pannonia in the light of amphorae (1st – 4th century AD) READ | DOWNLOAD
Piroska Magyar-Hárshegyi 427-438
Pottery industry of the Aquincum military town READ | DOWNLOAD
Péter Vámos 439-448
Settlement history of the Hernád Valley in the 1st to 4/5th centuries AD READ | DOWNLOAD
Eszter Soós 449-466
Archaeological research of the Hussite castles in the Sajó Valley READ | DOWNLOAD
Gábor András Szörényi 467-476


Marder, T. A. – Wilson Jones, M.: The Pantheon: From Antiquity to the Present. Cambridge University Press. Cambridge 2015. Pp. xix + 471, 24 coloured plates and 165 figures. ISBN 978-0-521-80932-0 READ | DOWNLOAD
Linda Dobosi 477-479