Ser. 3, No. 6 (2018)

Table of Contents

In memoriam Jacques Tixier (1925–2018) READ | DOWNLOAD


On the possibilities of interpreting Neolithic pottery – Az újkőkori kerámia értelmezési lehetőségeiről READ | DOWNLOAD
Katalin Sebők 13-42
Öcsöd-Kováshalom. Potscape of a Late Neolithic site in the Tisza region READ | DOWNLOAD
András Füzesi, Pál Raczky 43-146
Theory into practice: basic connections and stylistic affiliations of the Late Neolithic settlement at Pusztataskony-Ledence 1 READ | DOWNLOAD
Katalin Sebők, Norbert Faragó 147-178
Early Copper Age Graves from Polgár-Nagy-Kasziba READ | DOWNLOAD
Eszter Solnay 179-216
Examination and possible interpretations of a Middle Bronze Age structured deposition READ | DOWNLOAD
László Gucsi, Nóra Szabó 217-286
Why is it so rare and random to find pyre sites? Two cremation experiments to understand the characteristics of pyre sites and their investigational possibilities READ | DOWNLOAD
Kristóf Fülöp 287-312
“Looted Warriors” from Eastern Europe READ | DOWNLOAD
Gábor János Tarbay 313-360
Pre-Scythian burial in Tiszakürt READ | DOWNLOAD
Péter Mogyorós 361-370
A New Method in the Attribution? Attempts of the Employment of Geometric Morphometrics in the Attribution of Late Archaic Attic Lekythoi READ | DOWNLOAD
Szilvia Joháczi 371-418
The Roman aqueduct of Brigetio READ | DOWNLOAD
Anita Benes 419-440
A republican plated denarius from Aquincum READ | DOWNLOAD
Lajos Juhász 441-444
Terra sigillata from the territory of the civil town of Brigetio READ | DOWNLOAD
Barbara Hajdu 445-460
‘All that glitters is not Roman’. Roman coins discovered in East Java, Indonesia. A study on new data with an overview on other coins discovered beyond India READ | DOWNLOAD
Krisztina Hoppál, István Vida, Shinatria Adhityatama, Lu Yahui 461-492

Field reports

Preliminary report on the excavation at Andornaktálya-Marinka in 2018 READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsolt Mester, Ferenc Cserpák, Norbert Faragó 493-498
Preliminary report on the excavation of the site Tiszakürt-Zsilke-tanya READ | DOWNLOAD
Kristóf Fülöp, Denisa M. Lönhardt, Nóra Szabó, Gábor Váczi 499-514
Short report on a rescue excavation of a prehistoric and Árpádian Age site near Tura (Pest County, Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Bence Simon, Szilvia Joháczi, Zita Kis 515-526
Archaeological investigations on the Süttő plateau in 2018 READ | DOWNLOAD
Zoltán Czajlik, Katalin Novinszki-Groma, László Rupnik, András Bödőcs, Eszter Fejér, András Jáky, Sándor Puszta, Zsófia Sörös, Bíborka Vass, Szabolcs Czifra 527-540
Short report on the excavations in the legionary fortress of Brigetio (2017–2018) READ | DOWNLOAD
Dávid Bartus, László Borhy, Szilvia Joháczi, Emese Számadó 541-548
Short report on the rescue excavations in the Roman Age Barbaricum near Abony (Pest County, Hungary) READ | DOWNLOAD
Bence Simon, Szilvia Joháczi 549-556
Recent excavations at the medieval castle of Bánd READ | DOWNLOAD
Szabolcs Balázs Nagy 557-572

Thesis abstracts

Lost Collection from a Lost River: Interpreting Sir Aurel Stein’s “Sarasvatī Tour” in the History of South Asian Archaeology READ | DOWNLOAD
Rita Jeney 573-590
The Chronology of the Marcomannic-Sarmatian wars. The Danubian wars of Marcus Aurelius in the light of numismatics READ | DOWNLOAD
István Vida 591-596
Settlement History of the Middle Tisza Region in the 4th–6th centuries AD. According to the Evaluation of the Material from Rákóczifalva-Bagi-földek 5–8–8A sites READ | DOWNLOAD
Zsófia Masek 597-620
Transformations of the human communities in the eastern part of the Carpathian Basin between the middle of the 5th and 7th century. Row-grave cemeteries in Transylvania, Partium and Banat READ | DOWNLOAD
Alpár Dobos 621-639